Dish Tv Multi Screen Viewing

Suppose you are watching a sports channel and at the same time keeping a tap on another sports channel. Both of these two TV channels are offering you high quality entertainment and you just hate to sacrifice one for the other. But while switching between channels you are missing out the fun as well as some of the most important moments of both the games. Thus you cannot fully enjoy any of the games. Such cases might have occurred to you. In these situations you have probably wanted a cool way to watch two games in one single screen. Do not worry; dish TV has the right feature to turn this wish into reality. With its amazing feature, satellite TV allows people to watch two or more channels in one single screen in one single screen. This feature is known as multi-screen viewing.

Dish TV id one of the leading names in TV entertainment. It always comes of with exciting features and services that will allow the viewers to get the most out of their TV entertainment. These features are very useful and the viewers can really enhance they pleasure of TV viewing with the features. You are sure to have a great time watching satellite TV with the help of these features.

Multi screen viewing is one of the most popular features of dish satellite network. With the help of the feature you can get a split screen view or two or more channels. Thus you can get to watch more than just one channel on a single screen. Thus you can spice up your TV viewing with the best of TV entertainment. With the help of this feature you can now get to see multiple channels in real time in a single screen. There is absolutely no need to switch channels to watch two programs at once. You can now watch all your favorite programs at a given time with the help of multi screen viewing feature. For those sports lovers who do not want to miss a single moment opf the game this feature comes as a godsend solution. They can now watch the more than one game all at once on a single TV screen.

Multi screen viewing can also be the answer for all your family feuds relating to the control of remote. Now you can watch your games, your wife can get to see the latest movies and at the same time your kid can catch up the latest cartoon shows on a single screen. That is the best part of this amazing dish entertainment feature. With the dish TV feature you can bring your entire family in front of the TV and can turn the TV time into a family time. There is nothing better than having a relaxing evening in front of the TV set with entire family.

Thus with the multi-screen viewing feature you can get the best of TV entertainment in single screen. You can also get a chance to have a family time with the help of this feature.

Choosing The Right Wedding Songs

Wedding songs can present couples with a daunting task – they want to be able to infuse their own personality in the music and entertainment, but tend to worry that their guests may not share their same interest which will lead to an event failure.

There are many genres of music to choose from but some just don’t hold the same interest as other genres do. For example rap, rave and metal music aren’t typical choices for wedding songs so unless the wedding party is planning to go this route you can narrow down the selection by marking these off the list. If for some reason someone in the wedding party does hold taste for these specific genres there is no reason why you cannot incorporate a song or two in to the play list. The key to creating the perfect play list is to choose songs from various artists and allow each person to choose a song or two that holds some kind of meaning and will keep people dancing all night.

In order to be successful when planning the entertainment for your wedding and other associated events is to choose wedding songs that will give your guests the best night possible. Seating will be important depending on what type of music that you plan on having. For example if you choose to have a DJ or live band you will need to place the guests in an area where they will be able to properly hear the music and have room for dancing if they so desire. Having proper space to allow movement is imperative to allowing your guests to move to the music or celebrate in a joyful manner.

Having a successful event rests solely upon the excitement and experience of your guests. There are many key factors that come in to play when planning a wedding so why lack when it comes to the wedding songs. Many individuals don’t realize the importance of the music and will wait until the last minute to throw a playlist together only to regret it later.

There are different choices that you can go with when choosing what type of wedding songs to go with ranging from using your own prerecorded music, to hiring a DJ, or even a live band. You will need to set a budget to help determine which path will be the most affordable for you.

A live performance normally is the most expensive especially if the artist or band is well known but can leave the biggest impact on your guests so if you can afford it you may want to go this route. If you have specific wedding songs that you want played you will need to discuss it with the live entertainment ahead of time to ensure they are able to play the music properly and sing it the correct way. If the live entertainment is unable to do one or two of the wedding songs that you really want to have then you can choose to supplement those with prerecorded options.

The next popular option is hiring a live DJ. This allows you to create a play list and your music will be controlled by the DJ giving your wedding party the ability to enjoy themselves without worrying about the need to change the music on time. This option is usually a bit less than having live entertainment but still gives you the freedom to choose the artists and how the music will sound.

Choosing to go with prerecorded music is the cheapest option but can also be a pain since you will need someone controlling the music at all times. This will mean someone may miss specific parts of the wedding or reception because they will need to change out the music various times during the evening.

Regardless of what method you choose to go with your wedding entertainment it’s imperative that you choose the right play list. The couple should have the final say in the list but should ask for input for other wedding participants and even the coordinator. If you are choosing to go with a specific wedding theme you should consider choosing music that will help to set the right atmosphere and to bring the entire night together.

You want your friends and family to enjoy their day as much as you are so choose wedding songs that everyone will enjoy listening too. Since music tastes will vary from guest to another consider creating a play list that contains different genres and keep only the songs that really mean something to you.

Songs such as the father daughter dance or the first dance that the couples will do once married should be songs that hold meaning and are important to you. This is firsts that you will not be able to change so put thought in to the play list and choose songs that will make everyone happy. While you want your guests to enjoy their night and have music they can dance to you also want to choose wedding songs that give you the night of your dreams as well.

The money that you spend on your wedding entertainment doesn’t have to be over the top in order to allow you and your guests to have a good time but will need consideration. Instead of waiting until the last minute to create your playlist take your time and throw out choices and allow others to vote on them. By creating the playlist over the course of weeks or even months it allows you the time needed to really think about the effects that it will have on the entire wedding party and other guests. You can add wedding songs or eliminate as the needed arises and its best to have backup songs available just in case something happens to the music or for some reason your live band or DJ cannot give you what you need. The money spent on your entertainment to perform your wedding songs will be money well spent.

Housefull Movie Review

At the very start of the film, Sajid Khan pays his respects to several notable names of the 1970s and 1980s, who redefined Hindi commercial cinema. And that gives you ample idea of what to expect from Housefull, which, very frankly, stresses on wholesome entertainment like those wonderful entertainers made by Manmohan Desai, Prakash Mehra, Feroz Khan, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, K Raghavendra Rao, Narendra Bedi, Ravi Tandon and Brij. No wonder, films made by these icons have tremendous recall value even today.

The two things you expect from Housefull are non-stop laughter and non-stop entertainment. That’s because the promos of the film have already given you an inkling of what to expect from this film. Besides, Sajid Khan swears by wholesome entertainers, so it’s only natural to expect Housefull to bring the house down.

Housefull is the story of Aarush (Akshay) who is a total loser with whom everything in life goes wrong. He lands in his friends house who is also a loser, Bob (Ritesh). Bob lives with his wife Hetal (Lara). Somehow, Aarush starts believing that his luck would change if he gets true love in his life. But, its not that simple for him because not one but two beauties come along his way who is none other than Sandy (Deepika) and Devika (Jiah). But, along with the girls enters Major Krishna Rao (Arjun Rampal) who is Sandys furious big brother and also Batuk Patel (Boman Irani), Hetals dad. It is then the movie takes pace. Aarush and Bob try to deceive Krishna Rao and Batuk in a hilarious way which makes stomach ache with laugh. They tell one lie on top of another and it continues.

Though the script is nothing special but its filled with the all essential laugh factor as it is a comedy. Akshay and Ritesh successfully hold the attention of the viewers and their excellent onscreen chemistry is worth mentioning. The climax of the movie has extreme comedy sequences filled with mirth. And of course, Ritesh, Boman Irani, Akshay teamed together with Shajid means assured entertainment. The movie is also high on its enchanting factor as it has casted three hot cheeks together – Deepika, Lara and Jiah.

To mention about the acting skills of the team, Akshay Kumar gave his outstanding performance of drollery. Ritesh Deshmukh entertained throughout the movie with his comic expressions and right timing. Arjun Rampal woos all hearts with his charm. And about the female stars, well, they just added the oomph factor to the movie with Deepika being just mesmerizing and a perfect glam doll. Lara gives her best comedy performance and Jiah is hot but her performance was just average. Chunky Pandey played the role of an Italian hotelier called Akhiri Pasta but, his performance is not worth mentioning. Randhir Kapoor was seen onscreen after a long time and he played Jiahs dad. Boman Iranis performance needs no special comments as he gave his as usual best.

The climax will not appeal to many for the simple reason that while the characters are rolling in laughter on the screen, the audience isnt. Nevertheless, its novelty factor is bound to go in its favour. Anvita Dutts dialogues are extremely funny and witty. Note, for instance, the dialogues of Aakhri Pasta and also Aarushs dialogue in the introductory scene of Zulekha Yeh vidhwa slow motion mein kyon chal rahi hai?.

Akshay Kumar gets into the skin of the character and entertains in his own style. Ritesh Deshmukh is also very good. Especially when he pretends to be gay, Ritesh brings the house down with laughter. Arjun Rampal does justice to his role of a strict brother. Deepika Padukone looks bewitching and acts with aplomb. Lara Dutta proves yet again that she can be fantastic in comedies. Jiah Khan looks hot and acts ably in a comparatively shorter role. Boman Irani is terrific and leaves a lasting impression. Chunkey Panday has a superb comic track and he does the fullest justice to it. Randhir Kapoor plays the boisterous father of Devika (Jiah Khan) naturally. Lilette Dubey is extraordinary. Malaika Arora Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez add star value in special appearances.

As director, Sajid Khan keeps the audience completely engaged in his out-and-out commercial drama. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loys music is already hit. With Farah Khans choreography, every song becomes a visual delight. Vikas Sivaramans camerawork is splendid. The foreign locations, on which the film has been shot, are heavenly.

Akshay Kumar is back in terrific form, evoking huge laughter with his poker faced humour. Ritesh Deshmukh is another great comic talent who often gets his timing right. Arjun Rampal suits the part and looks dapper. While Deepika looks sizzling hot, Lara manages to score over her in the comedy department. Jiah tries hard and ends up being just about passable. Boman Irani goes over the top as usual. Making a come back on screen after a long gap, Randhir Kapoor playing Jiahs Sindhi dad doesnt get much scope. Chunky Pandey is plain irritating playing Akhiri Pasta an Italian hotelier. His fake Italiano accent grates on your nerves.

Shankar Ehsaan Loys music perfectly syncs in with the mood of the film. Mika sung foot tapping number Apni To Jaise Taise featuring Jacqueline Fernandez is a sure shot chartbuster and is fun to watch on screen. The editing could have been tighter especially in the first half. Vikas Sivaramans camera work is good especially while capturing the Italy locales.

Finally, what makes Housefull a watchable film is the fact that it aims to entertain and succeeds in doing so irrespective of its negative points. Go watch Housefull if you seek pure no hassles entertainment.

Dreambox 800 Hd-enjoy Interactive Digital Entertainment

Do you know dreambox hd and dreambox 800 hd? I will introduce two members of the set-top box family to you if you say no. Dreambox satellite receiver was developed by the Germany. It is a very famous brand and global reputation. They can change the compressed digital signal into Television content and at the same time, play in your TV.
At present, dreambox hd and dreambox 800 hd sell well. They are new members in this field, however, they have more stable and powerful function. They can be installed both using pre-compiled binaries and sources code. The basic function of them is receiving digital television. What they can receive include cable, satellite antenna, broadband network as well as ground broadcasting. The user can watch digital TV with dreambox hd and dreambox 800hd, and enjoy interactive digital entertainment, education and commercial activities through the network.
In addition to realize the function of watching satellite TV, the strong point of DM800HD is that you can receive Cable digital television and Digital terrestrial television. You can share Encryption program by network. Whats more, you can also use CCCAM or OSCAM perfectly. When you are on the internet, it can be used as the computer hard disk and help you realize PT or BT download. It is also regarded as a Flash Player. Through it the video file in your hard disk can be played. When you download a hd movie you can play directly. It will give you an original effect and excellent enjoyment!
At present, some people think that the set-top box is used for the television network. This is a misunderstanding. In fact, the digital set-top box is a member of integrated information network before popularizing digital television broadband. Along with the development of digital technology, multimedia technology and network technology, it will make the digital set-top box built-in and the cost is reduced, so that most users can realize the entertainment , get on the Internet and other services in ordinary analog television.
In above article we check that which are the model are famous now you can buy dreambox as per your liked product, now lets come to the point and talk about what things you must consider while you buying it online, the first and important thing is whenever you are buying check that the products are genuine and site is providing such product from the long time it should not be a new site. As there are lots of chines product in the market those are made with cheap materials, so you must make sure and check about the feature that is displaying near the product image, and if you feel that its the genuine and perfect for you then you can go ahead for checkout.
There are lots of dreambox providers available online, but whenever you buy it one should make sure that the site is providing that product from the long time. And product is genuine. There are lots of dreambox wholesale provider offers at very best price.

Xbox Live Gold Cards & Points Online Game Code

Users of online media have found a real friend in Xbox. This started off as a game console like any other. You were able to watch movies on the console and listen to music. Nowadays, however, users have discovered that there is a whole new Xbox world available online. If you want to get the most out of your Xbox experience, you are going to want to make sure that you have a great payment option. One setback to is that they only take certain credit cards. If you don’t use a credit card, you have to buy point and game credit cards at your local store. Believe it or not, there is a much better option. You can purchase an Xbox live code.

Your Xbox live gold will give you gold status. This means that you will have access to hundreds of games. With your Xbox live online code, you will also be able to access thousands of movies through Netflix. This means that you will have a great online media resource. Instead of going from website to website in order to get the entertainment you want, you will be able to get all forms of entertainment in one place. You will also be able to download songs. When it comes to optimizing your game playing, you will be able to get plenty of game add-ons with your gold card status.

The Xbox live code online is also incredibly convenient. You will find that when you buy Xbox live gold cards online, you are able to get the access you need within minutes. As a matter of fact, the good people at PC Game Supply guarantee that you will be able to get your code delivered to your email within 30 minutes. This is faster than what any other service promises. All you have to do is enter the basic payment information. You can pay with a credit card or with PayPal. You then have to wait to receive a confirmation phone call. Next, you simply wait to have your code delivered online. There is no hassle.

If you are worried about security when you order your Xbox live code online, you will be happy to know that PC Game Supply uses the most secure infrastructure on the market. This means that there are no worries about your personal or payment information being intercepted. This is a safe and convenient way to enjoy all that Xbox has to offer.

Klipsch Quintet 5.0 Speaker System

Continuing a tradition of providing fine sound that began more than 60 years ago, the latest generation Klipsch surround sound is available with some very impressive statistics that will keep even the pickiest HDTV user happy.

Of course, when Klipsch debuted its first upgraded speaker system in 1946, they were a far cry from the Klipsch QUINTEST 5.0 Speaker System that first made its appearance in the late 1990s. At that time, the two biggest features were rare earth magnets for ear-splitting range and the first use of plastic speakers, polyurethane to be exact.

Today, Klipsch is in the fourth generation of its surround sound home theater system and it provides the user with excellent home theater sound from speakers that may surprise you. For example, the average polyurethane speaker that Klipsch now uses is three inches wide by about four inches deep. One would never have thought that one could get the kind of range from a speaker system with relatively tiny speakers like these, but you can.

The bases, by the way, serve as either table or wall mounts with the right hardware.

The way Klipsch is able to accomplish this is amazing. With the center channel, there are a total of five other speakers. The left-hand set of speakers will serve as the full left-hand sound source, while the right-hand set of speakers serves as the right-hand sound sources. The center channel ties the center speakers together to allow you full surround sound.

If you look at the rear of each set of speakers, you should notice something interesting. Rather than just relaying on 18-gauge wire connectors (two and two, probably that are little more than spring-loaded teeth), you will find a rear end that can handle heavy gauge wire and either spade connectors or banana plugs. This means that you will have access to all of the power that each channel of the Class D digital amplifier (75 watts) that is provided by the optional SW-350, an optional 8-inch polypropylene speaker with very little cross-talk. Indeed with the SW-350 installed you have range that any Home Entertainment system can deliver, 120 Hz to 23,000 Hz.

It is is truly amazing just how Klipsch has been able to squeeze so much sound out of so little space, especially when the space also contains your Home Entertainment system pieces that might include a satellite receiver, high-end flat screen monitor, running at native mode 1080 p, blu-ray player, DVD player and more.

Klipsch calls its revolutionary and evolution changes the XT horn and after listening to the system we have to believe them on both counts. The right-hand and left-hand speakers provide sparkling highs and mid ranges – not bad for a 3-inch plastic speaker – while the SX-350 gives you a bass range of sound that enriches any audio source.

Altogether, Klipsch has done it again and they have done it in the same form and packaging which, if anything, seems to have become smaller in the 15 years since they made their debut.

Phantom Of The Opera Tickets Phantom Is The Highest-grossing Entertainment Event Of All Time

The Phantom of the Opera opened in the West End in 1986, and on Broadway in 1988. It is the longest-running musical in Broadway history after overtaking Cats in 2006, and the second-longest-running West End musical.

Phantom won the 1986 Olivier Award and the 1988 Tony Award for Best Musical, and Michael Crawford won the 1986 Olivier and 1988 Tony for Best Performance by an Actor in a Musical. The show has been seen in 149 cities in 25 countries, and has played to over 100 million people. With total worldwide box office receipts of over 3.5bn ($5.1bn), Phantom is the highest-grossing entertainment event of all time.

Inspired in part by an earlier musical version of the same story by Ken Hill,Lloyd Webber’s score is sometimes operatic in style but he maintains the form and structure of a musical throughout. The fully-fledged operatic writing is reserved principally for the subsidiary characters such as the theatre managers, Andre and Firmin; their Prima Donna, Carlotta; and principal tenor, Piangi.

Here, Lloyd Webber affectionately pastiches various styles from the grand operas of Meyerbeer through to Mozart and even Gilbert and Sullivan. These pieces are often presented as musical fragments, interrupted by dialogue or action sequences in order to clearly define the musical’s “show within a show” format.

The musical extracts we hear from the Phantom’s opera, “Don Juan Triumphant”, during the latter stages of the show, are much more dissonant and modern suggesting, perhaps, that the phantom is ahead of his time artistically (Snelson, 2004).

Phantom began previews at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End on September 27, 1986 and opened on October 9 under the direction of Hal Prince. It was choreographed by Gillian Lynne and the sets were designed by Maria Bjornson, with lighting by Andrew Bridge.

Michael Crawford starred as the titular character, Sarah Brightman as Christine, and Steve Barton as Raoul. The production, still playing at Her Majesty’s, celebrated its 24th anniversary in October 2010 and its 10,000th performance at the matinee on 23 October 2010, with Lloyd Webber and the original Phantom, Michael Crawford, in attendance. It is the second longest-running West End musical in history behind Les Miserables.

Phantom began Broadway previews at the Majestic Theatre on January 9, 1988 and opened on January 26.Crawford, Brightman, and Barton reprised their respective roles from West End. The Broadway production continues to play at the Majestic, where it marked its nine thousandth performance in 2009, and its 23rd anniversary in January 2011, making it the longest-running musical in Broadway history.

Cast recordings have been made of the London, German, Austrian, Japanese, Mexican, Korean, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Hungarian and Canadian productions.When the Original London Cast Album was released in CD format in 1987, it became the first album in British musical history to enter the UK albums chart at #1.

While never released to the general public, there is a video recording of an early performance of the musical with Michael Crawford, which is only available to certain people involved with the show. Whether or not it will ever be released is unknown.

Watch The Cape Season 1 Episode 1 MegaVideo

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Mentored by Max Malini among a group of bank robbers who use carnival talents, Vince must leave behind his wife and son to fight against corruption in Palm City, including villains Chess and Scales. This series premieres on NBC January 9, 2011. The Cape, a superhero drama, launches its 2-hour pilot episode after which it moves to its regular Monday night time slot beginning January 17. Starring David Lyons, Jennifer Ferrin and Ryan Wynott, among others, The Cape, set in the fictional metropolis of Palm City, follows an innocent cop who has been framed for a crime he did not commit. What follows is a series of events that leads to him acquiring special.

The series, arranged inside the fictional metropolis of Palm City, follows an innocent cop who may be framed for your crime he did not commit after which it left for dead right after he’s caught. He is ultimately saved by a circus ringleader who prepares him with distinctive abilities to defend himself towards his foes. Separated from his wife and son, he tries to clear his identify whilst protecting them from staying killed in the affair that he ought to be described alive. He normally requires the law into his very own palms by taking the guise of his son’s favourite comic e book hero, The Cape, right after he’s provided a specific go well with which has special capabilities. Vowing to have rid in the corruption that has used in excess of the two the city along with the police force, he goes soon after the person accountable for setting him up and producing his “demise”.

The Cape. But not before he is taken in by Max Malini, the ringleader of a circus who trains him with the special abilities of a superhero. It also stars Jennifer Ferrin as Dana Faraday – Vince’s wife, who believes her husband has died, Ryan Wynott as Trip Faraday – Vince’s son, who idolizes The Cape and who Vince hopes will give him the belief that there are still good people left in the world and James Frain as Chess – the alter ego of billionaire Peter Fleming, and The Cape’s nemesis, who was responsible for framing Vince for the murders. The season premiere is going to be special as it is a 2-hour episode titled Pilot and Tarot. Don’t miss it. This is must see TV entertainment!

The Cape follows a former cop, Vince Faraday (David Lyons), who resigns from your power to take on across the prison mastermind, Chess (Peter Frain). Vince unwittingly indications up to your safeguard strain run by Chess’ alter-ego Peter Fleming. So he can “disappear” as being a supervillain, Fleming frames Vince for producing the police experience that he’s Chess. Seemingly killed, Vince is used in with all the Circus of Crime, run by operator Max Malini (Keith David). Nevertheless believing that Vince is Chess, Max trains him in martial arts and how you can use a black cloth becoming a weapon. Vince vows to battle crime and quest for revenge in opposition to Chess. Contemplating he are not able to return to his spouse Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and son Trip (Ryan Wynott), devoid of putting them at possibility, Vince requires around the identification of his son’s well-known comic e e-book hero, The Cape. Aiding him in his battle is really a mysterious blogger, Orwell (Summer months time Glau).

Vince unwittingly indications up on your protection stress run by Chess’ alter-ego Peter Fleming. So he can “disappear” being a supervillain, Fleming frames Vince for generating the police think that he is Chess. Seemingly killed, Vince is utilized in while using Circus of Crime, run by operator Max Malini (Keith David). On the other hand believing that Vince is Chess, Max trains him in martial arts and the way you’ll be able to use a black cloth staying a weapon. Vince vows to struggle crime and research for revenge in opposition to Chess. Thinking of he cannot return to his wife Dana (Jennifer Ferrin) and son Trip (Ryan Wynott), devoid of placing them at opportunity, Vince normally requires across the identification of his son’s popular comic e guide hero, The Cape. Aiding him in his struggle is basically a mysterious blogger, Orwell (Summer season time Glau).

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The 7 Keys To Hiring The Best Entertainment For Corporate And Private Events

Booking entertainment for your event can be a daunting task! You want it to be fun for everyone, extra special and stay within your budget. Where do you start? What can you do to ensure a successful event? How do you know you are making the right decision?
Being part of the Chicago party industry for more than 20 years has taught me that the cocktail hour entertainment definitely sets the tone for the entire event. Here are 7 important considerations when hiring cocktail hour entertainment:
1.The more unique the entertainment, the more people will remember your event. Why hire the typical magician or palm reader that you saw at the last event you attended? Also, be sure to ask if the entertainer can customize their performance specifically for your event.
2.Get more for your money with entertainment that can involve lots of your guests. For example a tarot card reader can only entertain about 10-12 guests/hour, whereas a caricature artist can accommodate about half that many guests.
3.The entertainment should be all about your guests and not about how talented or cool the performer is. Personalized entertainment is truly more enjoyable and memorable.
4.The entertainment should be squeaky clean so as not to offend anyone.
5.Hire a variety of entertainers so they can entertain more guests with their different skills. A good ratio is one strolling performer for every 50-60 guests/hour and a performer at a fixed location for every 10 guests/hour.
6.If the performer wasnt personally recommended to you, ask for references. If they cant provide any, do not hire that performer.
7.Ask about a guarantee. If a performer has a quality product and enough experience, they should absolutely guarantee their services.

Kleer, High End Digital Wireless Audio

Bluetooth wireless devices stream compressed audio, if you are listening to CDs with a bluetooth wireless device you are not actually getting CD quality audio, youre listening to compressed audio like mp3s. And if you are listening to mp3s, then your audio is going to be re-compressed, further reducing the quality. This has been my main issue with wireless devices to date, well, that and the constant signal loss. When you buy Kleer enabled wireless devices you no longer have to worry about any of that. You get the same quality audio as you would expect from your wired hardware.

Another benefits of Kleer technology is the ultra low power consumption. This enables companies to create products that are truly wireless. Imagine, battery powered speakers that eliminate all wires, no audio cable and no power cord! I dont know if that would work with the amazing (but large) Zikmu wireless speakers, but we already have it in the Sennheiser MX W1 Totally Wireless Earphones. These are great for traveling, you can sync them up with your ipod, then throw your ipod in your back and forget about it.

Kleer also reduces audio latency to less than 25 milliseconds, thats less than the 45 millisecond standard required for TVs to eliminate sycn issues between audio and video.

Kleers compact technology is ideally suited for all wireless devices from portable music players, iPods and other personal media accessories, to surround sound wireless home theater systems, wireless headphones, wireless speakers and in car entertainment systems.

Heres a few words from the President and CEO at Kleer, Steve Humphreys.

Consumers want to cut loose and eliminate wires. Theyre tired of poor quality wireless products that make them walk all over the house to select and hear their music. With Kleer your music is always available and the choices for listening are at the touch of a finger along with CD-quality digital stereo sound that music lovers have come to expect

Consumers want to mix and match their music sources with a variety of personal and home audio listening choices, with Kleer, consumer electronics companies can now easily design, manufacture and market an ecosystem of seamlessly interoperable wireless personal and home audio products such as headphones, earbuds, speakers, and home theater systems

Kleer semiconductors power the world leading wireless audio devices and is currently used in the Sennheiser RS 180 digital wireless headphones amongst others.

Kleer improves the line of sight range to up to 100 meters indoors and up to 30 meters through floors and walls.

Kleer Iphone app

Kleer have unveiled an iPhone / iPod touch application that turns those music players into wireless home music hubs for Kleer based receivers, across brands and manufacturers.

Kleer wireless audio features

* Uncompressed, lossless, digital sterio
* CD-quality (16-bit, 44.1khz)
* Low latency and ultra low power consumption
* Robust ISM band co-existence

Kleer is ideal for

* Wireless earbuds, earphones, and headphones
* Wireless home entertainment
* Car entertainment systems